V Jay Theatre Productions

As part of our commitment to developing the talents of young people 4Sure are working in partnership with Victor Richards a brilliant artist in the field of performing Arts. As well as working using his talents as part of the ‘Second Chance’ project. Victor through his company V.Jay Theatre Productions provides a unique educational experience using drama and workshops which aims to encourage providing young people with

- Positive role models:

- Technical theatre experience

- Anti racism awareness

- Learning to succeed

- Black history, 50’s era

- African Caribbean events

- Learning to succeed

Profile of Victor Richards Actor & Writer

Alongside his TV work, most of Victor's performances have been on stage in the form of his one-man plays. Audiences from all over the country have seen him in action - name a big town or city and someone there will have seen Streets Paved with Gold, Return to the Caribbean or Children of the First Generation. Victor has worked with many schools in introducing and developing young people into performing arts

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52 Tamar Road
Melton Mowbray
Leicestershire , LE13 0EN
Tel: 07712893013

4sure is a Non Profit Organisation

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