4sure work to ensure all children and young people matter, have the right to stay safe and the opportunity to engage in a healthy start to their future.

4sure is an innovative organisation which aims to support the concept of EVERY CHILD MATTERS. It will evolve by working in partnership with those agencies tasked with helping to improve the quality of life of children and young people. Partners will include the Education Service, Social Service, the Probation Service, the courts and families and carers.

4sure is both prevention and enabling approach to youth engagement and will comprise of a range of programmes and activities developed and delivered with a cohesive framework. 4sure is essentially about young people “Choosing to Change” for a better, brighter future.

Sporting Choices

4Sure "Sporting Choices" provides various programmes and projects for schools and communities some of which tackle health inequalities, antisocial behaviour and provide young people with a platform to 'enjoy and achieve' 'be healthy' 'stay safe' and 'make a positive contribution'.

Car Sponsorship

4sure has received a donation of a Mini Cooper in recognition of its positive work in supporting innovative and preventative program’s for young people.

4sure introduce a new team in delivering new programmes in anti social behaviour, anti bullying and dealing with disrupted pupils for those involved in teaching and mentoring young people. A must for schools
We are very excited to have Victor Richards taking a lead role in the "Choosing to Change" project. This project deals with teaching young life skills, highly sought!
American Football's Guy Kersey in partnership with 4sure will be running taster sessions as well as encouraging young people to take part in a national youth league.
Sports Choices
Teachers recongnise the value of giving young people out of school experiences through the medium of sports activities. 4sure have teamed up with Barcelona Sports tours as part of Sports Choices.
Join our team
4sure are looking fo suitable candidates to come and work for the organisation. Application forms on web site.

In The News

12 young, people from a school in Leicester embarked on an action packed week long residential in Derbyshire. The young people took part in a tailored programme of intervention activities supported closely by the highly skilled project team. ...

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New initiatives include

Training programs    Read more....

NFL Development 

Arts Projects  

Sports Tours 

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